This Show Is Dedicated To…


a love of Auto, and those who love Auto.

As some may know, in March of this year Vagkraft was dealt a deadly blow felt to its very core. One of the four founding members, John Di Battista, succumbed to cancer after an intense battle for his health, and life.

John was a straight-shooter, telling it how he saw it. He was the kind of person who immediately made you at ease, with his smile and sense of humour. And he was a lover of cars; all things Volkswagen and Audi. Years were spent making his MK3 GTI, Heidi, into the beauty she is today. Miscellaneous car parts littered his garage. He even owned a Volkswagen belt buckle.

And he was an integral part of the Vagkraft team as we set out to create a car show devoted to the Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast community; a day to put as many shined, modded, new and old, Audi and VWs in the same place; a day for everybody to get together, show their best, boast a little friendly competition, and have a blast.

This Vagkraft will be difficult for many of us. One of the team is missing, taken far too soon. To honour one of our own, we are striving to make this the best, most amazing VAGKRAFT yet.

This year, VAGKRAFT is dedicated to a love of cars;
It is dedicated to those with a pure passion for all things Volkswagen and Audi;
It is dedicated to the growl of the engine, a lowered stance, the shine of show day;
It is dedicated to friendships that come from a shared love of auto;

It is dedicated to John Di Battista, our friend, and brother.

Come on out. Let’s make this the best VAGKRAFT yet.

We can’t wait to see you there.

The VK Team

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Thanks to our friends at Adamo Apparel for creating some awesome t-shirts that will be sold at the John Di Battista Foundation tent