One and Done


How many times have you – and if you haven’t, you will – thought back to the car that got away? The vehicle with a few annoying issues that was sold for something newer and better, but looking back you realize what a gem it was, or could have been with just a bit of work. In our house, there is a list a mile long – the GTI, the Scirocco, the S2, the, the… There is definitely something to be said for keeping a new car, well, new.


Meet Bruce and his 1994 Corrado. This Flash Red Corrado was purchased new and used as a daily driver, for a while, before it transferred to the status of passion-vehicle. Becoming a beauty queen has been a good gig, as it still sports the original paint, BBS RD Rims, and cloth Recaro seats.


Winner in the Corrado Stock/Mod 1 category, Bruce has made only a few changes over the years, many of which came standard in Europe. Of course, there are the Euro headlights, with functional level adjustors; the fog lights are also a factory item, everywhere but Canada.


Additional mods have been minimal: Driver’s edition brakes, a 90mm front spoiler, Schrick cam shafts and a VSR intake of which only five hundred were made, total the list of changes to this pleasure car.


When we asked Why VDub, Bruce pointed out something that most of us know, but never really say.

“There is something about a German car that clicks,” he told us. “North American cars are missing a kind of magic in engineering.” At least in the variety of car meant to be a “fun daily driver”.


The little German car, that was only available in Canada for five years (1990-1995) definitely found a permanent home in Bruce’s heart. While the car stays safely in the garage, a small shrine stands in the house, including an authentication letter from VW stating date of manufacture and shipping. Other items include frosted beer glasses with Corrado lettering, and the latest addition, images from the Vagkraft calendar photoshoot.