Presented by German OEM and VAGKRAFT! Supporting the JDBF


The VAGKRAFT Limbo is Presented by GermanOEM

German OEM Parts Ltd. was created by long time Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast Jason Brunberg. Sometime in the late 80s, his cousin showed up at a family function in a silver 1983 Rabbit GTI. From that moment he was hooked, and in 1994, when it was time to finally get a car of his own, he chose an Alpine White 1987 Scirocco 16V. As a young enthusiast with lots of time and little money, it was up to him to learn how to turn wrenches on his cars to keep them going. This love of the cars and learning what made them tick eventually led to over a decade spent working in Volkswagen Parts Departments and the aftermarket, including nearly 3 years as Operations Manager at H2Sport.


How It Will Work:

* All participants must register before the event starts.  Late entries will not be permitted.
* All entrants must complete entry form (one page waiver).
* Cars must drive to the event and under the limbo stick under it’s own power.
* There is no limit to modifications made to the car up to the limbo attempt – as long as the car drives up and under the limbo stick!
* Limbo stick will be lowered after each car has made an attempt.
* Last car to survive the limbo wins bragging rights, swag, and trophies!


EVENT COST: $10.00