The Long Haul


Let us recognize: we live in an age of instant gratification. Instant messaging, fast food, everything to go. We are a society that wants it in our hands yesterday. So, we have to give credit to all our winners, for the time put into their rides.

Chris’s 1995 Jetta is no exception. Doing all the work himself, he has spent years bringing his unique concept to fruition.

“My goal is to make it timeless,” Chris says. “Not to go with the trends.”


As this vehicle ages, timeless is what it will become. Most of the car is original, by choice. He hopes to make it “OEM plus” when it is done, keeping with a mantra of subtle and clean. While the exterior looks mostly stock, it now sports full Euro-spec Vento trim.


Working on the car at a steady pace, Chris has made conscious decisions on when the work gets done. He would rather hold off for a product, and spend more money on the right mods, than make stopgap changes over and over. For instance, the PZwo mirrors are an interesting addition to the Jetta, and were worth the wait.


The Most Unique feature of the car is definitely under the hood. The original six-cylinder now has a turbo with a rebuilt head that Chris worked on himself. Making 400+ horsepower, this Jetta has oomph to spare.


Always entertaining to ask, Why VW, Chris has a double answer: He had them as a kid; his first car was a 1986 MK2, blue Jetta with a blue interior.

But more importantly “VW” is his initials. Yup, for real – Chris VW. How could he drive anything else?

For many years to come, we look forward to the transformation this Jetta will have.