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Door Handles and Trim

There are some vehicles that teeter on the very edge between the Mod1 and Mod2 classes at VAGKRAFT. Then there are some who know exactly where they belong. Our Audi A4, Mod2 winner owns Mod2. This 1997, 1.8T Audi has been changed inside and out. “Only the door handles and trim are original,” Geoff admits.…

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The Long Haul

Let us recognize: we live in an age of instant gratification. Instant messaging, fast food, everything to go. We are a society that wants it in our hands yesterday. So, we have to give credit to all our winners, for the time put into their rides. Chris’s 1995 Jetta is no exception. Doing all the…

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For a number of years, VAGKRAFT has been talking about making a calendar.  This year, with the help of VAGKRAFT 1st place winners, we have finally made it happen!  At VAGKRAFT 2015, we are excited to debut a sixteen-month (August 2015 – December 2016) calendar populated with cars from the show. It didn’t seem right…

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