Secret Broadcast To Perform @ This Year’s VK!

We are honoured to have SECRET BROADCAST at this year’s show! 

Their hit single “More Than Friends” is all over the radio,  you can check it out on Youtube here  (and don’t worry all the cats are rescues from the Toronto Cat Rescue).

Stay tuned for an interview with the lads.


Secret Broadcast is

Matt Lightstone: Vocals & Guitar
Keith Heppler: Drums
Curtis Harding: Bass & Vocals

With the dreaminess of Doves, the sonic guitar work of early Radiohead and the grandiosity of The Verve, Secret Broadcast combine the best of mid-’90s U.K. guitar pop bands without sounding derivative or, worse, unoriginal.”- Brian Pascual, ChartAttack

The best thing to come out of Calgary since, well, ever, Secret Broadcast proves it’s possible to make basic rock ’n’ roll actually seem interesting. Imagine Radiohead if they’d formed in the early ’80s, and you only start to get the idea.” – The Georgia Straight

.. shimmering guitar tones and minor-key chord shifts — the kind of sound you could easily picture filling an arena within a few years’ time.” –  FFWD Weekly

Secret Broadcast are a fantastic up-and-coming band with some great music”. – Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of the Virgin Group

With its new album Filthy Souls, Secret Broadcast has arrived to rescue rock n’ roll.

Not that the genre is necessarily on life support, but there has been a definite shortage in the number of intense, guitar-driven melodic rock bands who actually write accessible songs that matter; topically universal songs that make you think, feel and move.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Matt Lightstone, who anchors the Toronto-based tandem with drummer Keith Heppler, kept that objective in mind when writing for this record. “I made it a goal to make the lyrics and subject matter honest” he says. While in the past I may have been somewhat guarded, these songs are very personal and reflect everything in my life from love, isolation, to the death of my father. We also knew we wanted to fill the record with songs that pack a punch and provide a sonic, emotional charge.”

That vision was secured with the feather-in-their-cap recruitment of Seattle-based, 3-time Grammy-winning producer Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam). “Working with Adam was a great experience,” says Lightstone. “He had a lot of fantastic ideas and encouraged us to record the songs live, which I think helps make it sound like a rock record. We captured most of the basic tracks off-the-floor in one or two takes and I think you can feel the energy in the room when you listen back.”

Secret Broadcast was formed in Calgary and has since cut their teeth opening for acts including Metric, Tokyo Police Club, The Stills and Matthew Good, playing main stage at Virgin Fest, showcasing at CMJ, NXNE, CMW, JunoFest and playing private parties for Richard Branson.  They’ve also been a mainstay on Canadian radio hitting top 40 on both the Canadian rock charts and college radio charts.

However Lightstone say “Filthy Souls is a new beginning”.  “It’s the closest we’ve ever been to recreating the sounds inside our heads.” And working with Adam helped us achieve this vision. “Adam is one of our favourite producers so I sent him an email expressing our interest in working with him“.  He got back to us after listening to our EP and a few demos and said he was really excited about what we were doing and suggested that we fly out to Seattle and record with him at Robert Lang Studios”.

Among the results of these sessions: crackling rockers like “Filthy Souls,” the album’s title track; the riveting “More Than Friends” and the gritty “Killing Time”; the mid-tempo thinker “One Born Every Minute,” and provocative acoustic-baptized ballads like “Stardust” and “Rest Of My Life.”

Secret Broadcast offers some profound musical food for thought, as evidenced by the band’s first single, “Filthy Souls.”  “The easiest way to connect with someone is to find a common enemy,” Lightstone explains about the aggressive rock song, which opens with a flailing jungle-flavoured drum intro.  “Sometimes you don’t even need an enemy; you just need to find a group of people that are different and draw a line in the sand. ‘Filthy Souls’ is about this ‘us and them’ mentality that exists in our society and uses rock n’ roll as a metaphor for the underdog.  It’s about embracing and owning the negative stigmas as a means for taking the power back. It’s a revolutionary song: An uprising for rock n’ roll, a song for the outcasts.”

Hmm….”Revolutionary”…”Uprising”…words that indicate that Secret Broadcast may have an agenda directly intended for their listener’s ears.

Bear witness, and be prepared to be impressed and exhilarated when Secret Broadcast brings its Filthy Souls to rock your world in 2014.