Know Where You Go

Paul_0073 A few years ago airbag suspension was ultra-rare. It was expensive, and its scarcity pretty much guaranteed Mod2 classing at VAGKRAFT. As times change, so do classifications, and these days it is pretty rare to find a daily driver this low on coilovers.

Paul_0109This 2004 A4 is slammed, and stays that way no matter the terrain. Every day. There is no denying the beauty of the stance, but how does one get around?

Paul_0120“You gotta know how to drive, and where you’re going,” Paul says. Planning routes and sometimes going out of the way to avoid speed bumps, or highly angled sidewalks are just the price of fashion (the ladies all understand.)

Paul_0091Additional mods include a front end and door blades from an Ultrasport; Cupra lip, and Depo RS4 headlights. 19” S4 wheels and cross-drilled brakes go along with the ultra-low BC racing coilovers.

While we know the static posture of the A4 is certainly different, Paul feels the Most Unique thing about his car is the fact it’s clean. He wants to keep it simple and not overdone.


Having said that, the mod list never really ends though. Paul plans to work on the interior next with a new console, B8 steering wheel, and since the fall, has already swapped his TT front seats for OEM S4 Recaro’s, front and rear. We look forward to future seasons to see the rest of the changes.