Door Handles and Trim


There are some vehicles that teeter on the very edge between the Mod1 and Mod2 classes at VAGKRAFT. Then there are some who know exactly where they belong. Our Audi A4, Mod2 winner owns Mod2.


This 1997, 1.8T Audi has been changed inside and out.

“Only the door handles and trim are original,” Geoff admits.


He has a vision though. Geoff is working to make the A4 his concept of the way it should have come from the factory. It’s a kind of after market do-over. Using both OEM parts, and cosmetic additions, he considers it a pre-facelift car with facelift parts.


The car is a testament to the ‘sleeper’ look: OEM plus on the outside, and racecar under the hood. The sleek silver A4 could be just another run-of-the-mill family sedan, with only the BBS LM’s and ride height to give away its wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing demeanour.


A big turbo, custom Eurodyne tune, 3″ turbo-back exhaust, and a full set of Stern mounts provide the go, while a combination of Porsche and Audi S4 brakes and ST coilovers, make sure Geoff’s vision stays shiny side up and between the ditches.


Why Audi? Keeping it in the family, Geoff had always only driven VW’s. But for a toy car, Volkswagen seemed the easy route since an uncle works on them professionally. Audi provided more of a challenge. After getting the A4, it was driven for only a few winters before becoming a garage queen. Not all the mods happened at once; this Audi spent seven and a half years mostly stock, with little bits slowly being swapped out. Doing most of the work himself or with friends, Geoff has gone for the long haul, taking his time to ensure the vision comes out right.


And it’s a vision of beauty.