Can’t Resist the Car

Raul_0242When heading to the car dealership most people have a plan. They’ve researched the vehicles, looked at spec sheets, speed tests, reviews and the like; they go in with a specific car in mind. Raul, winner in the MK6 Mod 2 category, was no different. He was lined up to purchase a white, two-door 2012 GTI. He had even done a test drive. Then he sat in the Golf R, and it was a done deal.


Purchasing his 2012 Golf R new, the intention was to leave the machine on factory settings while working on “the toy”. It was not long before the itch to personalize took over.

While the list of mods isn’t huge, it’s big enough. The computer has been flashed, twice; smoked side markers and Euro lights installed; the exhaust has been done, and AG wheels swapped in.


Next came suspension with the age-old question: coilovers or bags? For city life, airbags are a necessity. The polished air tank, complete with copper lines, is mounted to keep the hardwood trunk floor functional – it lifts for access to storage and the spare. The trunk also features a parcel shelf from a MK5.


What started as a un-modded daily driver now has a vision to be completed. Raul’s goal is to transform it into Eurospec.

We asked Why VDub, and as many have said, it’s in the family. His Mom took her drivers license in a Super Beetle, in Portugal, and had a 1998 Jetta when they first came to Canada. Once Volkswagen is in your blood, it seems to stay.


While enjoying the Golf R, he still lusts after the old school VW.

“The MK3 has the best body lines,” he says. “It’s a driver’s car.” Perhaps there is an additional project in Raul’s future?

No matter the model though, Raul has an affinity for the craftsmanship of Volkswagen vehicles.

“With nice wheels and a stance, you can be done… If you like,” he adds with a smile.

We think Raul will be continuing to mod VW’s for a long time to come, and whatever car he’s working on, the community can look to Raul’s passion for inspiration.