A Bad-Ass Sedan


While the Passat is usually marked as a “family car”, with its four doors, plenty of legroom, and dead-body trunk, the first place winner in VAGKRAFT’s Passat category is better fitted with a “badass sedan” label.


This beautiful black 2006 B6 has a mod list longer than it’s owners arm – in fact, it was easier to email us the list after the interview. And we can see it’s all been done; no area of the car has been left untouched.

The interior features subtle creature comforts: A MK7 steering wheel, and an alpine head unit start off the noticeable mods.


Outside a full Votex body kit, and an FK badge-less grille meld seamlessly into the deep black paint.


Under the hood, an APR stage two tune, Neuspeed intake, and a Magnaflow exhaust make sure that this big bodied sedan performs as well as the 19” VMR wheels (in high-contrast white), and Airlift suspension make it look.


We asked each of our owners what they think is the Most Unique feature of their car. In this case, it is the trunk. Dave is the kind of guy who knows what he wants immediately after experiencing it for the first time. His hardwood trunk setup is an ode to this impulse-to-passion tendency. Dave has created a tailor-made tribute to his favourite game – golf. A few years back, a buddy took him golfing, and after only one round he knew it was his sport; the very next week he purchased his first set of clubs. Entering the VW modding scene was a similar experience; after his first trip to VAGKRAFT, he knew changes were in store for his machine.


So, Why VDub? Sometimes we need to take a roundabout route before coming home. Dave’s first car was a Toyota, and then he dabbled in the domestic truck market for a while. He sold his Ford F150 Lightening to buy an engagement ring for his wife. Now, it’s all about VW, and we’re pleased to have him.


Written by: J. Paule   |   Photography by: Tylyr Lenc